An autobiographical mixtape of vignette games by Aquma.

Featured in:
*GDC 2017 Level Design Workshop: Level Flow for a Video Game Mixtape
*IndieCade 2016 (Nominee)
*IndieCade at E3 exhibit, 2016
*Play Date at LA Zine Fest 2016

This project was my thesis game for my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Media & Games from the University of Southern California. I wanted to see if I could tell a story using a variety of short, personal games. Playing through them in a specific order reveals a larger narrative about a struggling game designer who lives with his mother in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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The game makes use of the mobile phone medium to tell a meta story in novel ways.

Featuring cameos and art by: Blendo Games (Quadrilateral Cowboy, 30 Flights of Loving), Paloma Dawkins (Gardenarium), Amy Huang, Tonia b, and more.

Coming Spring 2017 to Android and iOS.

Screenshots of current vignettes in FRKN WKND:

"Code Glitches" is a simulation of what it's like to be me and type code.

"Get Money" is a light, on-rails flying game through a colorful wonderland.

"CA leidoscope" is an interactive music toy set in Los Angeles.

"Blaze It" is a 420 friendly, light puzzle game with some exploration elements.

"Crit sim" is a simulation of what it might feel like to be harassed by an online mob.

"Mom" is a simulated phone conversation with my mom.